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Guido wears the MALBUN M pants made of hybrid full stretch with the trendy article Merino wool as an interior. Sporty functional pants. High-quality. Efficient. With a great fit. And great climate, because the merino wool ensures optimal temperature and moisture regulation on the body.
No way too far. No mountain too high. 
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Out into nature. Relax. Enjoy. Experience. This experience has never been as valuable as it was during this time. To experience outdoor, you don't have to be a trained extreme athlete anymore. After all, everyone can decide for themselves what outdoor means for HER or HIM and what the personal feel-good experience ultimately looks like.

Regardless of what you do when - whether you hike relaxed, enjoy Nordic Walking or choose the more demanding trekking tour - the right equipment is always important. In particular, the pants should fit. In every sense. HOT sportswear offers highly elastic, water and windproof, quick-drying and extremely hard-wearing pants in many variations, numerous colors and a wide range of sizes. Maximum comfort and maximum functionality. Full equipment at a fair price.

Our hiking & trekking pants

"If you want to arrive, you have to   
set off at some point."

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