Made in Turkey. And a lot more.

HOT sportswear has always been committed to "Made in Turkey" - actually since the company was founded in 1975.
Our pants are produced under fair working conditions. And that along the entire production chain. HOT sportswear has been working with a producer in Turkey since 2000. Around 120 people work for us on site. The current concentration on one producer has resulted in an intensive partnership with permanent exchange and the constant search for innovations and optimization. We share the same values and act together according to them. Speed and flexibility go hand in hand with social responsibility and ecological commitment.
Of course, the company is BSCI certified. The degree of implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct is regularly checked and confirmed by independent bodies. HOT sportswear also interprets sustainability in terms of value and - associated with this - longevity of the products.
Our pants and tops last a long time. Significantly longer than one season. Fast pace is not our aim. We focus on quality. With the materials. The processing. And above all the fit. | privacy policy | imprint
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